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We were fortunate to work with Mountain Bike legend Peter Halle to turn his Ford Explorer into a dream mountain biking machine. This series was created for CarbonTV. OGRE specializes in the design and fabrication of custom truck and SUV accessories. The goal is to provide hunting/fishing guides, and all outdoor enthusiasts, the most practical vehicle accessories to improve their overall efficiency.

Episode 1: Conception

Since Jason lives in what is considered to be the mountain bike mecca of the east coast, he decides he needs to build the ultimate mountain bike dream truck. To get his idea off the ground, Jason seeks the advice from a top mountain biker to see what he should include on the build. This episode introduces you to the stock truck Jason will be modifying and gives you a glimpse into the modifications Jason will be making.

Episode 2: The Build

Follow Jason as he jumps right into building the ultimate mountain bike dream truck. In episode one, Jason sought advice and conceptualized the truck, now through some unique modifications the truck starts to come to life. Jason runs into a few hurdles, but uses his experience and a little creativity to make this truck truly one of a kind.

Episode 3: The Unveiling

Overcoming several obstacles during the build, Jason is ready to put his ultimate mountain bike dream truck to the test. Jason brings Peter back to the shop to walk him through all the modifications he has made and hands Peter the keys for the ultimate test drive.

February 25, 2019

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